Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First week of 2012

I just wanted to give a quick update about what projects I have going currently; since my main idea in blogging this endeavor was accountability. So, I have two garments going right now. The Colette Ceylon I did the muslin of, and a sweater vest I am knitting.

I have finally decided on the darker of two shades of gray wool gabardine for the dress. It's fairly light, but still a nice fabric for a winter dress. I searched for some cotton print that called to me to become this dress... No luck. I am still looking, and plan to revisit the pattern once I find some.

I like to have something knitted because I can take it with me. But I have a bad track record of abandoning projects I can't finish quickly... So, I hope I will see this vest in my closet not my UFO collection. I have to try right? I chose a bamboo/wool blend, I am interested to see how it goes. I was feeling cheap, otherwise I would have gone with something more washable. I figure a sweater vest doesn't see the laundry pile that often, so washing it carefully is not a big deal.

So there you are... My plans for the week. Happy 2012.

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  1. As-salaamu'alakum sis,
    Lovely update
    ...LOL@the bad record of abandoning project, oh I SO hear you on that!! ... *don't even want to think about it*..

    Take care