Friday, December 9, 2011

The Year of Sewing Dangerously...

Or something like that anyway. I have decided that I want to go handmade with my wardrobe, inspired mainly by two things. A great blog I found through Craftsy and a pattern company I found that I absolutely love. Here they are:

I always loved to sew... But I have also always had a major aversion to things looking handmade. So, imagine my delight when I found patterns that fit both my love for vintage inspired things and and my desire to have the finished results look professional. I have been wanting to make more of my own clothes for years now, and I have decided to just jump in and do it. Let 2012 be the year that I add a garment a week until I have a handmade wardrobe. I hope you will come with me on this adventure... I will be sharing it on this blog. Let's start now! I'll be warming up with this delightful pattern for some very cute intimates ;)

Colette mini-bloomers


  1. This sounds wonderful!! I'm hoping to sew more too.. and have for the most part, but nothing very exciting.

    Look forward to see your new wardrobe come to life :)

  2. Thanks for being my first commenter! I am finishing my first top and skirt tonight, insha'Allah... Post to follow shortly :)

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