Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finished objects I want to post more about!

So, here are some finished objects I would love to post more on, but I didn't take pictures during my process. So, all these things are on the list of projects I want to do again and post tutorials of.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Making Waldorf Dolls

As you may guess since I have an interest in crafts and Waldorf... I had to try making Waldorf dolls! The doll above is my first attempt and I did it with old t-shirt fabric and a thorough internet search. Here's the steps, and the sites I used.

The first thing I did was making the head. And here's how I did the head, I loved this tutorial, it was very clear and easy to follow.Doll head tutorial

For the body, I used the tutorial here: Body construction tutorial

This is what the body looked like when I attached the head. The hair I crocheted by making a little cap and attaching the hair strands to it after sewing it to the head. The advantage of this method is that the hair can be styled and my 4yo daughter loves to style her doll's hair.

I have also used the method of sewing hair across the middle and then attaching it all to the head, like this tutorial

I used this tutorial to do the wig, but kinda winged the size of the cap by comparing it to the head many times. I think I would like to do a crazier hair for the next one!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that this lovely lady has a very good post like this one linking to other tutorials as well. So there you have it... And here she is, my first Waldorf doll :)